Chet Baker - Chetty's Lullaby

Heartfelt lullaby

This is possibly my favourite songs by Chet Baker. It’s both beautiful and mellow, a perfect lullaby. I have transcribed the lyrics to the best of my ability, and I am always open to suggestions or tweaks.

Italian Translation

Vegliero, questa notte? solo per te
Dolce bimbo ti diro che presto tornero
senza te
sento gelo nel mio cuor
cerco solo l'illusione
di averti qui con me
torneran per me le stelle
nel mio cielo senza piu nubi
sogni d'or
scendon lievi verso te,
dormi caro che domani
col sol ti bacero

English Translation

I will watch over you tonight, only for you
Sweet baby I will tell you I will soon be back
Without you
I feel cold in my heart
I search only for the illusion
of having you here with me...
The stars will be back for me
in my sky without clouds anymore
sweet dreams
they fall down lightly over you
sleep my dear, that tomorrow
with the sun I will kiss you...
Posted on: 2010-12-10 17:05